Well Child: 2nd Month Checklist

FEEDING YOUR BABY: Continue to feed your baby only breast milk or iron-fortified formula. By this age, many babies are settling into a somewhat predictable routine. Breastfed babies generally eat eight or more times per day. Formula fed babiesgenerally eat 4-6 oz approximately 5-8 times per day. Continue to give your baby as much as is desired per feeding. Do not give juice or water. Some may recommend rice cereal to help your baby sleep through the night- this practice is generally not helpful and we do not recommend it. No solid foods are recommended until 4-6 months. Do not allow your baby to sleep with a bottle in his bed.

SAFETY: Continue to put your baby to sleep on his back and never leave your baby unattended on an elevated surface. Your home should have smoke detectors with charged batteries. Toys should be large and soft without sharp edges or removable parts.

DEVELOPMENT: By this age, most babies can raise their head and shoulders when on their stomachs, make eye contact, smile in response to your smile, and coo.

GENERAL: Have simple daily routines for bathing, feeding, sleeping, and playing. Put your baby in crib while drowsy but still awake to help develop good sleep habits. Hold, talk, cuddle, sing, and play with your baby often.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Pentacel, Hepatitis B, Prevnar 13, and Rotateq vaccines will be given today. All immunizations may cause mild discomfort, fussiness, irritability, or mild fever. You may also notice some mild swelling in your baby’s thighs at the injection sites. There is no need to worry when this happens, and the appropriate dose of infant acetaminophen (Tylenol®) suspension may be given every 4-6 hours as needed. Do not give your baby ibuprofen (Motrin®) until 6 months of age. The same immunizations given today will be given at your baby’s four month visit.

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