Your Insurance Plans Accepted

If you are a member of one of the below plans or your insurance company contracts with one of these networks, we will file all paperwork and claims for you. If you are not a member of a participating plan or network, payment is due at the time of service. We will provide you with a bill suitable for filing directly with your insurance company.

We contract with the following insurance plans and networks:

A Valid ID Card is required:
We must have a valid ID card from your plan or we must be able to verify your coverage online with plans that offer that functionality. If you do not have an ID card at the time of service or we cannot verify your coverage on-line, we expect payment at the time of service. For more information, please see our Financial Policy.

Office Documents

These links will allow you access to printable office forms. Note these forms should not be emailed back to the office. If you prefer, you can fax these to us at 770-772-6099, or bring them with you on your next visit."

Pediaric Child Doctor Accepts My Insurance with Saturday Sick Child Hours in my neighborhood